Blue & Gold Macaw

Blue and Gold Macaw

Blue & Gold Macaw

Did You Know?

They often blush when excited or shy, so watch out for Coco doing it if you go and talk to him!

All about Blue & Gold Macaw

Up to 40 years
Swamps, rainforests and forests
Herbivore - Fruit, seeds, nuts and berries
Conservation Status:
Least Concern

Fun Facts!

Macaws Ara ararauna are very sociable and can become great talkers. They use their powerful beaks for breaking nutshells and for climbing and hanging from branches.The blue and gold macaws are extremely wary. They screech and rise into the air at the slightest sign of danger. Their legs are strong, but their beak is even more powerful. They can ‘chew up’ wood, crack nuts open, crush seeds, and bite off chunks of clay from the swamp using their beaks. They can also use their beak as their third leg.

The macaws are very expressive and can show their emotions by cocking their heads, vocalizing, flashing their eyes, and blushing. They also communicate by fluffing the feathers, raising their wings, prancing, bowing, shaking their tail feathers and head bobbing.