Adventure Playground

Hoglets Adventure Playground


The farm park is always evolving and the addition of our Brand New Hoglets Adventure Play Area in Easter 2019 has brought even more adventure to a day out at the farm.  The centre piece of Hoglets is the HUGE Pyramid Trio Slide Tower, which stands over 12m high!!!!!!! And is surrounded by an impressive selection of interactive play equipment including a 30m Zip Wire, Solar Spinner, 5 Point Swing, Pick Up Sticks, sandpit, JCB diggers and much more...

Whitehouse Farm always work hard to accommodate the needs of less able visitors, and strive to make the farm a fun day out for everyone no matter what limitations they may have.  Play options have been included which are accessible for all, including the Swirl Roundabout which offers endless hours of safe, twirling fun for all abilities with easy wheelchair access.