Tiny Talk Xmas Special!

Mother and baby class

Tiny Talk Xmas Special!

03 Nov 2017

We are excited to bring you our Christmas Special with Tiny Talk on Tuesday 28th November!

Tiny Talk brought to you by Gayle. TinyTalk baby signing and toddler talking classes are aimed at teaching you and your child how to communicate with each other before they can talk using British sign language (BSL).

Babies often cry because they want, need or feel something and as their parent you are tasked with working out what those needs are. This can sometimes be challenging, but if your child can sign what it is they need, want or how they feel to you by using a simple hand gesture, it can be a lot easier and so much less frustrating for everyone concerned.

Toddler Talking takes signing and uses it to support the child’s attempts to speak where it is difficult to understand their emerging words. As well as learning new signs, children are encouraged to “say it and sign it “

Classes are half an hour of signing along to nursery rhymes and action songs, using props, instruments and books. This session will have special Christmas signs and Christmas Carols! With lots of hints and tips on how to sign at home and lots of repetition of both signs & songs to help you pick them up. This is followed by half an hour of social time with toys for the babies and lots of tea, coffee and chocolate biscuits for you. This is a great part of the class as it gives you the opportunity to chat to other mums you may know (the classes are great for post-natal group meet ups) as well as to make new friends.

Tickets include entry to the farm so you can stay and play all day, tickets can be booked online at https://whitehousefarmcentre.digitickets.co.uk/tickets

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