Jolene with her adopted mum Heather

Jolene with her adopted mum Heather

07 Aug 2022

Meet baby Jolene, she is our gorgeous albino wallaby. Jolene was unfortunately thrown out of her mums pouch a couple of months ago here at Whitehouse farm. We aren't sure what happened but Jolene was around 3 months old, this does not happen often and we were extremely shocked to see her out the pouch as Joeys don't come out and explore until at least 6 months old and then they still hop back in from time to time. Jolene at this point was not able to look after herself. We tried to reintroduce her to her mother and get her back into the pouch however this was not possible. At Whitehouse farm our policy is that all babies should be kept with their mothers and interference should only be a last resort however with Jolene's mum still rejecting her we needed to find a solution. Heather took on the role of mum; Heather bottle fed Jolene, brought her home every night and even made a makeshift pouch for Jolene so she could carry on her day working whilst also making Jolene feel safe and at home. Jolene was actually raised on goats milk, Willow our Anglo-Nubian goat had a kid around the same time as Jolene was thrown from her pouch. Willows kid Jake favoured one udder and so our keepers had to milk the other to relieve Willow from any pain. It was almost fate, we had fresh milk everyday for Jolene that was packed full of nutrients and Willows kid could still happily suck away on her favoured udder. 

Jolene is about 7 months old now, she is healthy and happy. We have even introduced her to a wallaby friend to start the process of bonding and getting her back into the mob. Heather is now limiting contact so that it will be easier for her to join the wallaby mob, this is in Jolene's best interest. It will ensure she will be able to integrate back with our other wallaby's and live a normal life.


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