Help Save Whitehouse Farm

Child Bottle Feeding Lamb

Help Save Whitehouse Farm

24 Mar 2020

On Tuesday 17th March we made the difficult decision to close our doors, the Government were asking us all to begin social distancing at this time to assist their fight against Corona Virus.  We were one of the first tourist attractions in the area to completely close our doors, we felt this was the responsible thing to do to protect our staff and visitors.

This has left us in a very difficult position with regards to providing the basic needs of the animals in our care such as feeding, heating and medication.  Any other time of year we would pull through this with sacrifice but sadly we did not yet get to experience our Easter break, which is where we pull in enough funding to cover our costs towards maintenance, animal care and the staff employed to watch over our animals.
We wish it didn’t have to come to this but should we need to remain shut even a couple months, Whitehouse Farm Centre faces closing permanently. We are down to minimal staff who remain on salary, as of now preparations are being made to sell off equipment and livestock just to ensure our remaining animals can be cared for.

If we have any hope of making it through to the end of this and reopening for all to come and enjoy when they feel safe to do so, we ask that you can give only what you can to keep us going that little bit longer.

Please look out for yourselves and your families first and only donate if you are able to.



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