A lovely surprise from Daisy

A lovely surprise from Daisy

22 Jun 2022

Here at Whitehouse Farm we have been waiting very patiently for Daisy to have her calf. 

She was very late as most of our cows delivered their calves in March and April. As we are unable to split the herd up, all the new mummies and babies have stayed in the barn waiting for Daisy.

Then, at the weekend, Daisy went into labour and gave birth to a beautiful calf just before lunchtime. We checked the new baby over and left them alone to relax. But when we returned an hour later.....there were two!!

Yes our lovely Daisy has graced us with twins! This is actually really rare as only 2% of cows deliver twins, so we are really lucky.

Just look at these gorgeous babies, we are all in love already x


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