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Barn Owl






Edge of woodland and rural areas


Carnivore - Mice, voles, rats and shrews

Conservation Status:

Least Concern

There are 32 sub species of the common barn owl found throughout the world.

 Barn Owls hunt at night, and although they have very good eyesight, they rely mostly on their sense of hearing. Researches found that even in total blackness Barn Owls are still able to find the smallest of prey because of their excellent hearing.

Owls ears are located one higher than the other, which helps them to pin point tiny sounds. During flight, the left ear captures sounds below while the right ear focuses on sounds above. The feathers on the edge of the Barn Owls face create a disc which also works to trap and focus sound rather like our outer ears.

They are also completely silent in flight due to their bone and feathers being honeycombed. 


Did you know?

On Average a Wild Barn Owl eats about 4 small mammals a night, thats 1,460 per year!!!